Course Map

Race Rule

  1. Participants are suggested to wear the Great Ambarrukmo Vertical Run Race Jersey and must wear the BIB Number correctly and completely. Installation of the BIB Number must be visible to field officers, Race Directors, Marshal, and Security Officers. Participants who do not wear the BIB Number completely and correctly will not be allowed to enter the race venue by security officers or marshal.

  2. Participants are expected to learn and follow the race route correctly. Each participants must pass the checkpoints of each categories, and for those who do not run on the right track will be disqualified.

  3. The 11K category route is a combination of vertical runs within The Ambarrukmo area and streets of Yogyakarta. The 5K category route will run on streets of Yogyakarta. And Kids Dash route will run on areas inside The Ambarrukmo.

  4. Start time will be announced by Race Organizer through race info. Race Organizer has the right to change the start time for special reasons without prior notice. However, Race Organizer will try to inform any changes of the start race time to participants through various media information on the Great Ambarrukmo Vertical Run race.

    11K05.30 a.m
    5K06.30 a.m
    Kid Dash08.00 a.m
  5. Participants are prohibited from blocking or covering the path of other participants.

  6. Cut-off Time :

    i11K: 150 minutes
    ii5K: 90 minutes
    iiiKid Dash: 30 minutes
  7. Participants who cannot complete the race within CUT OFF TIME, Race Organizer will take the participant to the finish area using the closest route to avoid getting caught between traffic and for participant’s own safety. Participants must obey Marshals and Security Officers instructions, and Race Organizer has the right to stop the participant. For participants that fail to finish their run as dedicated routes are not entitled to receive the Finisher Medal.

  8. Participants are suggested to arrive at the race location 1 (one) hour before the race starts. The recommended arrival time :

    11K04.30 a.m
    5K05.00 a.m
    Kid Dash06.30 a.m
  9. The winner is runner who first touches the finish line and the sequence behind it according to the number of winners determined by the organizer (GUN TIME). Race Organizers decisions are final and cannot be contested by participants.

  10. BIB Number cannot be exchanged or traded to another person.

  11. The organizer has the right to cancel the race winner, if the winner cannot show their identity card, or the identity submitted to the organizer does not match the identity attached to the registration sheet.

  12. Announcement of winners and awarding of prizes will be made after Race Organizer declares that the potential winner has fulfilled the race requirements, does not violate the competition rules, does not violate the race administration, and meets other requirements.

  13. The organizer has the right to cancel the event if something happens that goes beyond the control of the organizer (including extreme weather, natural disasters, or demonstrations). If the Great Ambarrukmo Vertical Run must be canceled, there will be no refund of the registration fee and the organizer is not responsible for any loss or inconvenience.

  14. Participants are allowed to change categories. For participants upgrading from the 5K to 11K categories, additional fees will be charged according to the difference of registration fee. For participants that are downgrading from the 11K to 5K category the difference of registration fee cannot be refunded.

  15. Participants who cancel unilaterally are considered disqualified and cannot refund the registration fee.